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Raider parodyI am a retired broadcasting and communications engineer with over 50 years of Commercial and Government sector work experience.  Film Editing and Post-Production is my hobby. Why? For about the same reasons a retired Boing 747 Jet Captain would buy an old  Sopwith Camel and take up stunt flying or crop dusting (because he can, and because it's fun).

I do editing for fun, and I'm open to doing Freelance work (Paid or Pro Bono) if the project is interesting and worthy. Over the Internet, I can provide small-budget and novice Filmmakers with the editing expertise, technical knowledge and production services necessary (including special effects) to produce quality movie visuals with high production value. I am especially interested in projects concerning Civil-War historical documentaries and Faith-Based film productions or instructional presentations.

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Contact: Gaines R. Johnson
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Johnson Imagineering is the Media Branch of the
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