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Lights Here is an eclectic collection of assorted small productions done over the years. Many of these were made while I worked in Kuwait. The harsh summer environment there limited my opportunities for outdoor filming, so this was a period in my life where I concentrated working in the editing suite with the AC running. There are also a couple of shorts filmed in Germany and Greece.
This was my going into retirement final video made in Kuwait, showing the broadcasting station I managed in the desert. My apologies to WB for ripping off the end clip.
I was studying a filmmaking course from Hollywood Camera Work and doing an exercise in compositing with visual materials supplied in the lesson. The completed VFX exercise product was silent, so I took the liberty to add some sound-design and some sick comedy. (Sorry, Per Holmes, I couldn't resist). 
The above was my submitted entry for the Digital Director website promo contest in 2008. It won First Place. Filmed in our living room with an old SD camera
"Future of Solar Power" was a sarcastic shot at Environmentalists; sort of a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde breed of video. It starts out like a normal pro-solar documentary, then goes into full zinger mode half-way through. My most "liked" and "unliked" video along political lines, of course.
My wife and I took a cruise in Greece. I had a cheap little consumer-grade camera and monopod with me and just could not resist the temptation to make a funny Travelogue.
"Space Romp" was a little fun in sound-design using available public domain footage and space animation.
"Schloss Linderhof, Bavaria" - a video tour and more traditional style of Travelogue presentation
A unique way to make the dismantling of a VOA German satellite earth-station interesting.
How do you make a video about a ghost railroad that existed before there were motion pictures or TV? Like this.

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